By using block chain technology in Opening Mining, ITTONION secure the information of participants, let participants do an evaluation of the survey as they participate in it, award compensation for the result, then convert participants’ information into big data and store it.

ITTONION Technical Details

ITTONION platform is divided into three classes: Application, ITTONION Server, and Block Chain. All the information used in ITTONION is stored outside of the block chain (ITTONION Server) in an encoded form, and hash value of it will be recorded in the block chain.
This minimizes the chances of information leakage when there are various attacks from outside and secure personal information and sensitive data about consumer proneness.

Main agents of survey (businesses, public offices, newspaper offices, schools, etc.) use coins to buy the authority of survey in the platform and then submit survey field to the platform.

This platform brings in an influx an influx of people through various commercial channels, uses big data to do a respondents sampling, and provide questionnaires match the result of the sampling.
As the process is being repeated, respondents sampling will have a higher accuracy, and the survey participants will be rewarded with accumulated compensation.

This platform will sum up the stored data and provide it to main agents of survey.
This will surely not be counterfeited or altered. As such reliability builds up, a virtuous circle of data would be created due to the interests of users, which increases accuracy.