Issues of the current industry

Today, information is delivered remarkably quickly. Because of the development of the Internet and Social Networking Service (SNS), information is transmitted almost instantly. For instance, when an issue happens, a survey team will start investigating on it. Yet, by the time they sample, organize questions, and actually do this survey, people may be ecstatic about another information transmitted in real time.

Companies require precise target settings for promotional marketing. Several advertising agencies are doing targeted advertising, but since consumers found out that it was a targeted marketing, information communicability of advertisement has been declining. This makes it difficult for businesses to understand accurate needs of consumers.

Public opinion formed a day before, on that day, or after that day may be different. Unlike the past, time to absorb information has grown shorter, therefore, it is impossible to make correct judgments about data. In addition, it takes a long time to aggregate data, which may result in out-of-date information; there is no proper compensation for participants, which may result in untrustworthy data; some surveys do not contain interesting topics for participants, which may result in group distortion.

Given these factor, amending existing survey methods by sampling, or using mobile phone, or improving some parts is hard to correct errors of a survey. It seems to need a new way to solve the fundamental problems of former surveys. Consequently, we are going to propose this new way that can basically solve these problems.


It is a blockchain-based, information-open platform that enables secure integration and management of scattered information of surveys and polls.

ITTONION platform devised a new Opening Mining system based on block chain which provides survey and poll information platform. It allows every one to freely participate on it. We are confident that this platform will have a high accessibility with participants through alliances with various Social Networking Services and web service businesses, redistribute the information, and make innovative changes involving the entire survey and poll information.

Our Goal and Vision

We are going to use block chain technology to develop an Opinion Mining system to solve issues of the current industry.


  • Joo Ho Jeon

    Miritt. Co.,Ltd CEO

    Former Executive Director of INNOCEAN

    Former Vice President of SK Communications(Cyworld)

    Former Executive Manager of SK-China joint venture Via Tech

  • Dominic Kwon

    General Manager of portal business SK Communications

    Business Team Leader of Planning & Evaluation Office Company

  • Linden Li

    RMIT University PM Major

    Aspire Tech

  • GH.Chun

    General Manager of Hanzhou Aibo Gonsi

    CNK Global Networks Co., Ltd. CEO

    Chairman of Select Committee on job creation in Seoul

    Miritt PTE.Ltd CEO

  • Won Jin Park

    Miritt PTE.Ltd CTO

    SK M & Service ICT BU Executive Director

    Former SK Planet Technology Planning Director

    Former SK Marketing & Company team leader

    Former SK Energy Director

  • Chi Hoon Ahn

    Miritt PTE.Ltd CMO

  • James Pak

    China nanjing University Dr.

  • Song Ung Seol

    Former congressman(the 16th congressman)

  • Hae Soo Kim

    Korea-China One Belt One Roard Association for Pomotion International Cooperation. Secretary General

    Yeouido Partners. Management Consultant

    Former Korea Construction Management Corp. CEO

    Former Secretary to the President for Political Affairs 1

  • Jin Chae Lim

    Chinese Legal Representative of the Corporate of SK

    Executive Director of SK Telecom

  • Jong Soo Lee

    Mirae Asset Part Manager

    Garden Industry

  • Cheol Soo Kim

    Former Vice-Chairman of the Democratic Party

    Former Manager of Beijing business trip in Gyeongsangnam-do Province

    Executive Secretary of the corporation of China-Korea Friendship Exchange Association

    Manager of Korea branch of Beijing Golden Rose Advertising Co., Ltd.

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