ITTONION names ERC20 token ITT token then issue it. This token is used as several methods of payment within ITTONION system. It can be converted into different types of coin or become transactions between users by shifting outside the system.


Details about dividends will be announced later, but so far it will be paid in proportion to the period and amount of retention. This is set in consideration of the technical problems of dividends to draw continuous attention from more participants.

Total amount of Issuance (100%) 10,000,000,000
Private sale (5%) 500,000,000
Main sale (20%) 2,000,000,000
Team Charters (30%) 3,000,000,000
Marketing (20%) 2,000,000,000
Partner (10%) 1,000,000,000
Extra (10%) 1,000,000,000
Etc. (5%) 500,000,000
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