Opinion-Mining Technical Application Research & Big Data Platform based on Blockchain Technology

It provides a blockchain-based platform which can securely integrate and select customized information such as research, survey, and analysis.

Block Chain + Opinion Mining = Research & Big Data

ITTONION is possible.

It is a blockchain-based, information-open platform that enables secure integration and management of scattered information of surveys and polls.

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Example of ITTONION Platform service utilization

  • Corporate surveys
  • Governments
  • Media organizations
  • Electoral participants
  • Privacy

    Participants’ personal information is protected on Blockchain basis. No one controls the information, thus 100% security is guaranteed. Also, one is not allowed to participate in an issue or survey for more than one time.

  • Big Data

    This program makes big data about survey results and participants’ characteristics by using Opinion Mining technology. It collects ideas and expressions to find out a certain set of laws. This information is collected/stored by using Blockchain technology.

  • Reward

    ITTONION will conduct a survey assessment of the survey, and the participant will be rewarded for his or her participation.